"Sheliky" was born in March 2021.
As a new shopping method, online shopping has gradually penetrated into people’s lives.In order to meet the needs of consumers, our designers have designed many different styles of clothes.

At sheliky
.com we love every passion and interest on Earth. And to spread exactly that is our core vision:

To help you Express Yourself,We support you at sheliky.com.

Since we know you want all sorts of custom products, we got you covered with highly professional suppliers and production houses that we keep in close contact with and vet daily so that they fulfill our intense selection process.In addition to clothes, our website also sells various accessories such as shoes, bags, earrings, etc.

Our After-sale Guarantee:

If you have any questions during the shopping process or after shopping, please contact our customer service email service@sheliky.com, please don't complain in other channels immediately, because we can't see it, hope our service can get your five-star praise. The principle of immediate refund of online cancellation orders is guaranteed, and the refund time is subject to the arrival of the refund in the actual payment method of the customer.

We value all our customers:

our professional customer service team is always here to help you.we will help you deal your questions in time. Your satisfaction is our top priority! So you can have a good time shopping online. 

Moreover, you can easily get your order anywhere in the world thanks to our worldwide shipping service!

Please understand whenever the packages ship out we cannot do anything there are depending on the shipping company. We try the best for all customers but in reality, can not make all satisfied.